How depression works

Depression reinforces itself and gets a life of its own through many small reinforcing factors. Many of its characteristics are habits depression sucks you into – and they can be changed. Understand how depression works and empower yourself to take action.


how depression works?

Stress spirals

We all have an natural and automatic stress response consisting of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. Find out how this natural response can spiral out of control. Read more

The depression habit spiral

Many factors outside our control can trigger depression, and then it reinforces itself in a downward spiral of depressed feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. Read more

Depressed behaviour

The withdrawal and avoidance that characterise depression simply contribute to further low mood and deeper depression. Read more

Depressed thinking

Unhelpful attitudes and thinking habits, like all-or-nothing thinking and self-bullying, further contribute to the downward spiral of depression. Read more

Anxiety & anger

Anxiety and anger spirals similarly reinforce themselves when our stress response goes into overdrive or becomes overloaded. Read more

Self bullying

The harsh self-criticism that often characterises depression is one of the most toxic ways in which depression secures its hold on us. Read more