Debating depression

Seeing depression as a purely individual, medical problem can leave you feeling isolated and stuck in a passive victim role. Learn more about the wider social and cultural context for understanding depression.

understanding depression differently


Learning from others

Learn from other students who have experienced stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking. Their stories and blogs will expand your understanding of depression. Read more

Seeing depression differently

What are the costs and benefits of seeing depression as an ‘illness’? What other perspectives are there which might be helpful? Read more

A depression-inducing society?

Factors contributing to depression include chronic stress, isolation, lack of control, and a sense of inferiority. Is society to blame?  Read more

The happiness trap

Struggling against the inevitable suffering of life and confusing ‘happiness’ with ‘pleasure’ is what gets us stuck in a ‘happiness trap’ and makes us vulnerable to depression. Read more

Depression and the meaning of life

Explores the existential challenge of finding purpose in the face of senseless tragedy and meaninglessness. Read more