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Take action in your own life or join us in taking action against depression on behalf of others – you can make a difference.
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Take action in your life

Kick start a campaign against depression in your own life with our Take Action against Depression Workbook modules which provide a personalised step-by-step pathway to apply relevant information and strategies for overcoming your depression. Find out more

Request our (free!) resources

Students Against Depression and our parent charity, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, is committed to ensuring high quality resources are available to all students and student service providers. Find out more

Take action together

Take a stand against depression on your campus or where you live – just like the students who have helped to develop this site, you may be able to join together with others to make a difference. Find out more

Spread the word

Help us build our social media campaigns and spread the word about this site in order to help more people take action against depression.  Find out how

Honour Roll

Celebrate students across the UK with updates from our honour roll, including the latest from our voluntary projects, fundraisers and awareness raising campaigns. Get the latest

Share your own story

Tackling depression in your own life gives you expertise which is valuable to others. Sharing your own story can offer inspiration as well as practical advice to those who may currently be feeling alone in their battle with depression. Find out more

Tell us what you think

Students Against Depression is built on student participation. Help us improve the site by telling us more about yourself and what you think about the site. Give feedback

Support us

If Students Against Depression has helped you or someone you care about then please support us by raising funds to help us reach more people. Read further for fund-raising ideas and donation details. Find out more