Healthier daily routines

Depression very often affects the basics of daily life – sleep, eating, exercise, and socialising. Problems in these areas then in turn quickly reinforce the downward spiral of depression. Making small changes to build healthier daily routines can make a very big difference to how you feel. This gives depression less opportunity to entrench itself in your life.

healthier daily routines


Sorting out sleep patterns

Address sleep problems and get into a better sleep routine. Read more

Understanding food and mood

Plan for healthier food and eating habits in order to boost your mood. Read more

Increasing exercise 

Benefit from the powerful effect of exercise on mood and build enjoyable exercise routines into your life. Read more

Checking alcohol and drugs 

Alcohol and drugs can make depression worse.  Here’s some hints and tips on how to reduce alcohol consumption. Read more

Practising relaxation 

Learn daily practices for building relaxation skills and modifying stress levels. Read  more

Connecting with others

Tips on how to ensure you keep up social connections and build support networks in order to avoid the depression-inducing effects of social withdrawal. Read more