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At Students Against Depression we’re pleased to be supporting the latest major research project by MQ! MQ is a new charity with big ambitions, believing in the potential of research and inquiry to improve the quality of life of billions of people and families affected by mental health issues. Read more below to find how […]

New Beginnings

Posted by Isobel

Finally got round to blogging again after so long! I have been so ridiculously busy these last few months i haven’t known where to start, having just finished my final year at university my head is spinning a bit, I can’t believe it is all finally over, finished, after all this time. I remember at […]

Oxford Wellbeing, life experiences and sleep survey

At Students Against Depression we’re pleased to support university-based projects undertaking research to further improve student support services and our understanding of mental health in the UK. Right now researchers at Oxford University are investigating sleeping patterns and the impact sleep has on our daily well-being- to take part and be in for the chance […]

A well earned rest

Posted by Judith

Well it’s been over two weeks since the big day, and I’ve very nearly caught up on sleep and food. So what was running the London Marathon like? In a word, amazing. My Sunday morning started bright and early, with a large bowl of porridge and plenty of honey to get my sugar kick going. […]


A huge congratulations today to Judith Robinson from everyone across the Students Against Depression network for having yesterday completed the London Marathon! Judith, a student studying maths at Bristol University, ran the Marathon to raise funds for Students Against Depression and our parent charity, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Completing the course in a heroic […]

Time to run!

Posted by Judith

Only two days to go! I’m both terrified and excited about running London. I’ve put in the hours of training, yoga and best of all, the hours of recovery and eating that go with marathon training. Now there’s just time to go to London, pick up my race pack and number, spend a night with […]

Look after your mate

This month Students Against Depression has been pleased to contribute to the Look After Your Mate campaigns pack, a fantastic new resource compiled by our partners Student Minds! Equipping students to look out for their friends’ mental health must be a university – wide priority A national campaign launches this Wednesday 9th April to equip […]

‘I’m on the road to recovery from depression thanks to a brilliant website’

Judith runs London Marathon to support Students Against Depression A Bristol student is running the London Marathon to support the website which helped her overcome debilitating depression. Judith Robinson, 24, credits the Students Against Depression site for giving her the confidence to carry on during some of her darkest moments. Now enjoying life for the […]

Tough Choices

Posted by Judith

It’s been over a month since my last blog, and a lot has happened in the last four weeks. I’ve made some of the biggest choices of my life and struggled through some tough patches of serious lonliness and doubt. So what has happened? In short, I’ve decided to leave my PhD and embark on […]

Fundraising at Harrogate College!

CWMT trainer Aileen Moore was delighted to meet staff at Harrogate College for informative training last week. The North Yorkshire college, which specialises in vocational courses open to students of all ages and backgrounds, has kindly shown its support for Students Against Depression via an exciting fundraiser. By making and selling jewellery students and staff […]

Preparing for an intimidating few weeks

Posted by Judith

Another fortnight has passed, and its now only 6 weeks until the London Marathon. It’s also only four weeks until my mid-year review for my PhD. So a nice calm and gentle time all round! At the end of each year of your PhD two academics who are not your supervisor look over your work […]

RESPOND (Reducing Stress and Preventing Depression)

At Students Against Depression we’re delighted to be working with students and staff at Exeter University to together tackle depression. Great new research into rumination and the impact of internet-based therapies is being carried out by two of our colleagues, Lorna Cook and Professor Ed Watkins. If you’d like to get involved in their exciting […]

Charity Feature: Students Against Depression

Last Wednesday (19th February 2014) we were pleased to team up with the fantastic Student Minds for University Mental Health Day! To celebrate the day we joined our partner student-led charities in blogging about all the great work student do for mental health in the UK. You can read our entry on Students Against Depression […]

I have a plan

Posted by Judith

Yesterday was the first sunny weekend day for about three months, for most people this meant pub lunches, walks in the sunshine and maybe even tidying up the storm damage in the garden. But for me yesterday was something far scarier. Eight weeks to go until the London marathon. Yesterday was the first of my […]

The start of a very long road

Posted by Judith

This is my first in a series of blog posts that is going to chart my training as I prepare for the London marathon in April. So first of all, who am I? Well, my name is Judith and I’m a perpetual student. I’m one of those people who love to study and learn new […]

‘Don’t Panic’ it’s easier said than done right?

Posted by Isobel

So recently I have been really struggling to keep things in perspective, really really struggling. I am a natural born worrier at the best of times but when things get on top of me i tend to worry about the littlest things and allow it to take over everything to the point where i lose […]

That time of year again!

Posted by Daya

Hello, So xmas has come around again. I think xmas can be a tome to take a break, be with loved ones or a recipe for disaster and depression. This year, I have decided to opt out of all and give me time to charity on xmas day. I am hoping, being with children who […]

Wow….You learn something new about yourself everyday!!!!

Posted by Joelle

Hi Guys Hope the beginning of the academic year is going as smoothly as possible for all the readers of my blog! Yesterday I had my weekly mentor session – by the way, if your university offers mentoring/counselling sessions, I would seriously suggest using the service, I will explain why a bit later  – and […]

I think a change would do you good

Posted by Isobel

Hey guys So I have been feeling really stressed recently and feeling completely overwhelmed with how much i have to do this semester.   I have never been one that deals well with change, I like routine, or the familiar, and when i get used to a certain way of doing things I find it […]

Dissertation Year

Posted by Daya

Hello all, another year for me here, 4th to be exact. If you are like me you are asking yourself, how did you manage to get this far with all the crap in the world and in our daily lives. But: its dissertation year and we made it. That’s a lot of essays, exams, revision, […]

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