Check suicide & self harm

This section gives immediate advice about how to keep yourself safe if you are considering suicide or self harm. It also helps you to think about the reasons for suicidal thinking and for urges to self harm.

Check suicide & self harm1

Feeling like you want to die?

Urgent advice if you have made plans to kill yourself or feel you are at imminent risk. Read more

Surviving suicidal thoughts

How to make a suicide safety plan to keep yourself safe if you have repeated thoughts of suicide. Read more

Thinking about suicide

Understanding why thoughts of suicide arise and recognising the tunnel vision which reduces your ability to problem-solve when you are depressed. Read more

Making sense of suicide

Ways to understand some of the beliefs and cultural attitudes which can contribute to suicidal thinking. Read more

Understanding self harm

Deliberate self harm is not the same as attempting suicide – it is a complex set of behaviours that can arise as a way to try to cope with painful feelings. Read more

Coping with self harming urges

Ideas for how to reduce your reliance on self harm and find more constructive ways to deal with difficult feelings. Read more