Get Support

Depression thrives on isolation and inappropriate ‘independence’. Relying on others when appropriate is an important life skill, and vital when depression is beating you down. Use this section to find the right help and support.

Check suicide and self harm


If you are having any thoughts about suicide or deliberate self harm, this section gives immediate advice about how to cope and keep yourself safe. Read more

Build support networks

Build Support Networks

What’s stopping you getting help? This section looks at how you can break the isolation of depression and build a support network step by step. Read more

Counsellors & doctors

What do counsellors and doctors offer?

Explains what counselling is and how it can help, explores pros and cons of medication and looks at how doctors and other medical professionals can help. Read more

More ideas and resources

more ideas and resources

Alternative support options, therapeutic writing and other creative options, interactive online help, recommended books, links and other resources. Read more