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Where has the time gone to?

Posted by Will

Can’t believe this is coming to an end. Can’t believe this is coming to an end, where has the time gone to?  Must admit I have neglected this site since my last blog in January.  Although has been a really busy time with moving house and busy at work and Uni, no excuse really, as […]


Posted by Will

Twenty Ten, Two thousand and ten Which one is it? Twenty ten or two thousand and ten? The fact I have posed such a spurious and pointless question, probably gives your an indication of my mindset.  Still feeling good.  I have not felt the need to go to the GP for the first time for […]

Good news

Posted by Will

Since 12th November things have been more steady. It has been a few weeks since the last post and I am glad to say, still drug free.  Although I have noticed I have got irritable at times, the low mood and downward desperate spiral I felt trapped in, has gone. This is great as it […]

Putting the brakes on

Posted by Will

Starting to loose my grip, trying to work my way through. Couldn’t sleep last night.  My mind started to go into overdrive and wouldn’t stop mulling over things.  On it’s own it wouldn’t have worried me, but my behaviour has been erratic to say the least, I have been having childish outburst with my long […]

Wake me up when October ends!

Posted by Will

Car crash, identify theft, bodged pay and a cold…thank goodness October is over! I have neglected this site recently as I have just had a completely manic month. I recently got a promotion at work and started a new job in the city.  Everything was going fairly well and then my luck changed. Started with […]

Rubbish and emotional day

Posted by Will

Day started well, but quickly went downhill Day started as planned.  Although had menial photocopying to do, the work was hardly taxing and had a lot to feel happy about.  Just about to start on my final year dissertation, start a new and better job on Thursday and thought I was about to buy a […]

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