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Sure fire way to overcome Depression!

Posted by Craig

Well I got your atttention didn’t I? I’ve been and will be too busy to think about it or to even BE depressed. Since I last posted I went back to uni. Let’s gloss over the Christmas/New Year period. It was messy. It involved far too much alcohol, but not enough consumption to warrant it, […]


Posted by Craig

So I may perhaps have overcome some difficult login details, though don’t hold your breath. Hey kids. Apologies for my lax response. I have had massive problems logging in. I think I may have a handle on it, but i know its not sorted yet. It’s good to see you’re all doing fairly well. I […]

Intense Six Weeks

Posted by Craig

Its been six weeks since I started back at uni, and its been a bit up and down, mostly without me noticing. Especially the last few days. Hey y’all. Hope you are well feeling sunny and well today. I slipped back in to the whole uni thing rather effortlessly. Becuase of the rehab thing I […]

Good afternoon

Posted by Craig

Strange few weeks but good to be back at uni. Yo ho ho. How y’all today? It’s been a very strange few weeks dogged with problems both situationally and within myself. It ended up being pretty bad to be honest and there was a point on thursday where I had a bit of a breakdown. […]

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