At Students Against Depression we’re pleased to be supporting the latest major research project by MQ! MQ is a new charity with big ambitions, believing in the potential of research and inquiry to improve the quality of life of billions of people and families affected by mental health issues. Read more below to find how you can take part!


We are launching a national survey into depression – we would like to know what questions people have about the condition. We will use people’s questions to help inform depression research. We believe research can improve lives, and so want find out what the most important issues are.

We would like people with depression, their friends, families and clinicians to take part in the survey. The results will give us lots of unanswered questions about depression. Together, patients, carers and clinicians will rank the questions in order of importance. The result will be ‘top 10’ lists of questions to research. We will promote the list to people who fund depression research – governments, universities and charities.

We aim to inform research and provide a strong connection to the needs of patients.

We want to encourage research that can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Visit to take part.