CWMT trainer Aileen Moore was delighted to meet staff at Harrogate College for informative training last week.

The North Yorkshire college, which specialises in vocational courses open to students of all ages and backgrounds, has kindly shown its support for Students Against Depression via an exciting fundraiser.

Harrogate College

By making and selling jewellery students and staff have raised a terrific £44 for Students Against Depression.

Their project is a fantastic example of how students like Evi, pictured right, can join the cause to together tackle depression and end stigma in our society.

Evi, an arts student at Harrogate College and a member of the active Beads Deeds Society, is one of numerous students at the college and across the UK working to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Aileen, pictured central, was excited to receive the donation and pleased to report the CWMT training was received by staff ‘very well indeed’.