Last Wednesday (19th February 2014) we were pleased to team up with the fantastic Student Minds for University Mental Health Day!

To celebrate the day we joined our partner student-led charities in blogging about all the great work student do for mental health in the UK. You can read our entry on Students Against Depression below and catch up with the entries from Body Gossip, Cardiff Wellbeing Service, Papyrus, Men Get Eating Disorders Too and many more at

Charity Feature: Students Against Depression

Happy University Mental Health & Wellbeing Day! With hundreds of awareness raising and wellbeing events occurring across the UK, we thought this would be an excellent moment to welcome you to Students Against Depression!

We’re an award winning, student led movement gathering real life experiences alongside validated self-help resources to tackle stress, low mood and depression. We believe that the real life experience of students and those who support them is vital in shaping resources that genuinely tackle the problems students face.

So, why offer self-help resources? Though there’s no one-stop fix to depression, there are practical steps we can take to tackle it: starting now. Our site has a diverse range of blogs, self-help ideas and options for support all available online to browse. We do not replace professional services: we’re an exciting addition to them, hoping to ensure quality support and resources are freely available to all.

Understand depression, get support and share your story: Students Against Depression is powered by the work of students themselves, fuelled by the energy of volunteer website developers, graphics designers, campaigners and many more around the UK. We’re proud to be working closely with Students Hubs, Nightline and the wonderful Student Minds to advance the cause of student mental health.

There are countless ways for you to join us in the cause. Visit, support one of our heroic fundraisers such as Judith (who’s running the London Marathon this April!), or follow us on Twitter @SADwebsite.

Together, we can tackle depression.