So xmas has come around again. I think xmas can be a tome to take a break, be with loved ones or a recipe for disaster and depression. This year, I have decided to opt out of all and give me time to charity on xmas day. I am hoping, being with children who do not have the type of xmas that some of us do will be a rewarding experience. It is something that I have always considered doing, but never did. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I did not want to be the person who let my family down on xmas day. I know the impact it can create when one person is missing. This year, most of my family will be away doing other things so I saw no better opportunity to do something that I wanted to do, something that will hopefully be a rewarding experience.

How are you spending your xmas? Is it doing something that you feel you want to to? Something that does not make you feel pressure, lonliness and depression but will give you something? I do hope if you haven’t thought of something that this post will help. Even if it means taking 30 minutes to do the thing that you want. Perhaps it will take you away from the hustle and bustle of being in large groups which often tends to happen around this time of year. If it means wishing the day with a few drinks, well maybe that is your coping mechanism, but remember in times of real lonliness and escape, there are support systems out there on xmas, so perhaps familiarise yourself with them before the day arrives.

Wishing you all well!