Hello all,

another year for me here, 4th to be exact. If you are like me you are asking yourself, how did you manage to get this far with all the crap in the world and in our daily lives.


its dissertation year and we made it. That’s a lot of essays, exams, revision, hibernating, my word.

I hope you all enjoyed your I am sure well deserved break, I know for me it was sooooo necessary.


getting back into was hard right??? I found it difficult to do any reading in my break in preparation and found motivation extremely lacking.


now I am back it feels a little easier, I guess being surrounded by other people doing what we are doing, in an environment designed for our thinking and studies – makes it all real again, well it does for me anyway.


It is not an easy time of year, whether you are a first or third year student with the extra anxiety of maintaining our own mental health!

Some things that I found helpful: even if you don’t feel like facing the crowds and social interaction, do it anyway because as soon as you get there and complete the day, you’ll come home feeling more motivated and a sense of achievement because you got through the day which you may not have been even considering attempting. That’s what I did.

I’ll keep it brief, all thoughts welcome!

Daya – fellow student suffering from severe depression!