Hey everyone :o)

How great is it to be out in the sunshine at the moment? Everything really does seem so much better in the sunshine, everyone just seems so much happier. It has made such a difference to my dealing with stress recently, when it’s sunny it helps me get everything in perspective. Realize what’s important.

I hope everyone has done great in meeting deadlines, and for anyone with deadlines still pending and any exams coming up good luck! Just keep the summer in mind. I remember last year the prospect of having such a long summer (5months) seemed overwhelming! I had no structure to my summer last year, it was a nightmare! Every day felt exactly the same as the one before and I got really really down, it didn’t do me any good what so ever and by the time it was time to start back at University I was really down and not ready for it at all! So this year I decided to take charge of the summer, and so far it’s been great. I need structure and to feel like I am doing something otherwise I tend to get a bit down, so if you are like me and want something to do over the summer, why not do what I have done this summer and set yourself a project. As a lover of writing I have been writing, set myself a challenge and it’s going brilliantly, and keeping me focused, I have also started volunteering which is great fun. I would recommend anyone wanting something to do, and also to get some experience on your CV it’s a great way of doing that!

I was starting get a bit freaked the other day about the fact I am going into my last year of university, I still cant believe how quick that it has gone, When I started my degree it wasn’t with any specific career in mind it was purely just to study the subject I loved, and it’s only recently I have been thinking about what I am going to do once I graduate. I was sat with some of my friends and for some reason I had got it into my head that everyone knew exactly what they were going to do once they had graduated – unlike me – had no idea, and then I realized that none of my friends knew really either – and that doesn’t matter – sometimes it’s OK to not now and just figure it out as you go along. If anything sometimes that is better. You can learn what you want to do by making the mistakes.

Sometimes it’s OK to take the pressure off yourself, take a breather and the great ideas just come to you. Give yourself some me time, deadline time is always stressful, if you’re anything like me you need a break, so give yourself one – just enjoy the summer.

I have always known I wanted to do something creative, but it’s easy to think that you’re not good enough, your idea isn’t good enough, someone will always say you can’t do it – I was doing this myself, it’s always easy to chose the easy option, but if you have a goal you want to achieve and it seems too big, too great for you to do on your own, that often means it’s the right thing. If i have learnt anything since being at university it’s that if you feel challenged and a bit frightened of something new it’s probably a good thing, it’s always great to push yourself, because the bigger your chances are, the more doors you open for yourself.

I know i may be rambling, but, I just know how easy it is to put yourself down, think your not up to it, compare yourself to others around you (I’m brilliant at that), think someone else can always do it better, im just being stupid bla bla bla.

If there is something that you want to do, something that makes you happy, gets you excited, passionate – DO IT!! Otherwise what is the point?? If anything, not doing it will make you feel worse, it might be scary, seem ridiculous but just give it ago. Sometimes you feel most alive when you step outside your comfort zone, set yourself a challenge that seems at the beginning unachievable because imagine how amazing it would feel if you did achieve it? Then you could push yourself even further on. Which is exactly why i set myself this summer project, after talking to those close to me, they were so supportive and loved my ideas that I had come up with and it honestly gave me such a boost.

So I have started writing again – creative writing – haven’t done it for ages, it was something I used to do lots and lots, and it is honestly the only thing that really gets me excited, that I find that I am passionate about, care about and want to do. So i figured if I don’t try and do something with it what is the point? If I didn’t try I would never know! And I have nearly finished my first novel – 100,000 words! I feel so proud of myself, it has done my confidence the world of good. Everyone has something they are truly great at, something that is theirs, I would challenge you to figure out what yours is, and if you haven’t already – tap into it – do something with it – otherwise what is the point? We were not given these gifts for no reason!

I hope everyone is having a great summer anyway, no matter what you are doing, where you are – enjoy the sunshine – we are in Britain after all which means it may not last too long haha! As i said before good luck with any more exams anyone has yet to take and I hope something I have said I has struck a chord with someone and spurred you on to challenge yourself this summer.

Anyway guys that’s me for this month! So have a great month – enjoy the summer!


Peace – Izzy :o)