Hey everyone! The sun is shining, the clocks have gone forward (which means lots more daylight each day) and it’s nearly the end of the academic year!

I am one happy girl this month, March was really fantastic, last month I was feeling really nostalgic and struggling to get my head round all the changes but since then so many great things have happened, my new house is sorted, I spent the first week of the Easter break finishing all my work for Uni and I am now really really looking forward to summer! It is really unbelievable how much some sunshine, getting through some essays and being a bit more organised than I used to be makes such a difference!

Last summer seemed to go on forever, I finish at the end of April and have literally 5 months off for summer – which I still think is mental, and last year was too long, I was really bored alot, had no routine and ended up getting depressed and fed up too easily. This year I have a plan to keep me occupied over the summer, I have set myself a summer project so I have something to focus on for five months! As I love creative writing and it’s part of what I am studying I have decided to set myself a writing challenge and write 500 words of creative writing every day and enter a competition that is on in July for creative writers. I am also going to volunteer for a charity one or two days a week – I decided to do this because I want something to do, it’s a great way of getting out of the house, feeling useful, and also getting a great reference for when you leave uni as it shows dedication and there are not many people who give up their time for free so it will look really good to potential employers – bit of a tip for people there! I used to work for a charity organisation and absolutely loved it so I am looking forward to going back to it.

I think a really important thing for everyone when the huge summer break is looming is to get a plan in place before going home, for some it’s an exciting time when you can’t wait to see family and friends from home, for others it’s a time of stress and upset at leaving your mates at uni, so if thats you, make a deal with your friends of staying in touch properly, maybe arrange to meet up a few times over the summer so you can have trips to plan and look forward to. Me and my best friend at uni were very lucky as we lived with each other at uni over the summer so we had loads of time together and it really solidified our friendship but I would encourage everyone to just enjoy the summer, enjoy the break, the sunshine (while we have it), give yourself a fun project to do and enjoy the end of exams!

Remember to plan your revision properly, a little bit each day, organise your study times for assignments into small doses over lots of days so you give yourself plenty of time to get it done, and it makes it A LOT LESS stressful believe me, and then when everyone else is cramming the night before the exam or the deadline you can relax knowing you have finished – the best feeling ever!

Have a great month everyone – enjoy the sunshine, and this time next month for lots of you if your course is anything like mine we will be finished!



Izzy xxxxx