One Week to go!


If you are anything like me you will be running round like a headless chicken at the moment trying to get all your work done in time for the Christmas break! I have so much work to do for Uni I find it hard keeping on top of it sometimes, whilst Christmas is a lovely time of year it also can bring with it lots of stress! The key is like I said in my last blog to manage things properly, make a study timetable and stick to it and make sure there are lots of things for you to look forward to.

Whilst now the thought of Christmas is a really exciting one for me, I look forward to relaxing with lots of Christmas movies and nice food and seeing my best friends and loved ones, I know for many it means being away from your close friends and being back at home with your families which can often be a difficult transition to make after getting so used to being at University with your best friends all year. The key is to try and make the best of time at home, it can be so easy to separate ourselves from our families once we move away and get attached to our new found freedom but keeping close with your family and friends at home is just as important. I used to find this really difficult I was so adamant that I wanted my own freedom I hardly ever went home, and when I did it was really awkward because I hadn’t been there for so long, I learnt that this was pointless and that if I wanted my family relationships to improve, like my friendships at uni, I needed to spend time on them, I know that our families drive us absolutely round the bend sometimes and being back with everyone and in your parents house again makes everyone feel a bit strange but keep in mind it is just a few weeks first of all, second of all you can change your parents attitude to you by changing your attitude to them, if you go home feeling positive and clearly more confident in who you are with your new found independence it will rub off on them, happiness is infectious! Muck in with mum in the kitchen if she is stressed, and show your family your not a child anymore and you are your own person now. Make time for yourself aswell, go off to your room sometimes and just read a book or watch a film or whatever, just to keep your own you time. If you really do struggle being at home over the Christmas break then make an exciting plan of all the things you are going to do when you get back, keep in touch with your friends while you are all away each day and make time for friends at home so you can be out and about if you need a break from family stress! The important thing, as I always say is don’t be on your own all the time. Make plans with friends from home before you even get back is always the best thing then you have something set up and you can look forward to it!

I used to get so excited for Christmas each year and then ended up being disappointed because it never went how I wanted it to go, and the last few years since I have lived away from home I have come to realise that as the years go by, Christmas is what you make it, sometimes the most positive thing you can do is make a stand for what you want to do, not in a bratty way I mean but if there is something that really gets you down each year just make a stand and don’t do it, I used to not want to see a certain family member each year, I would dread it, I would always feel miserable after seeing them and it would always put a dark cloud over Christmas for me, until, a couple of years ago, I decided, I am not going to do this anymore, I simply said I wasn’t going to go, I had built it up so much in my head and worried about it for so long I thought there was going to be a much worse reaction than there actually was, but there wasn’t! Once people realised why I didn’t want to do this and I wasn’t going to change my mind they stopped asking and now it isn’t even an issue!

It is easy to get down at this time of year anyway with the dark nights and cold etc but there is also so many fun things to be doing and looking forward to, I always say make a plan of what you want to do, factor in lots of you time and just relax! Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is not do a great deal because it just clears your mind.

The important thing to remember if you are going back to see family and the thought is stressing you out, you are not going to be there forever! That is what Uni is for, to develop us, bring new friends into our life, give us great educations so we can go on and do amazing things with our lives! So when you go back home and if silly family arguments start up (as they regularly did in my house) just try and rise above it, and think about when you have your own home at Christmas and it’s going to be your rules, honestly, having a goal in mind makes it so much easier and gives you something to work hard for!

I really hope everyone is doing well with their work, if things are getting on top of you and you are struggling don’t forget to use Uni resources like tutors and Learning Development units for advice and help etc that is what they are there for!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Break, get lots of presents, eat lots of delicious food and have an absolutely amazing New Year! – A tip for new years eve before I sign off for 2012 is if you are a bit of a craft geek like me, what I have done on new years eve the last few years is make a big New Year scroll out of a massive piece of card, and on it I cut out loads of pictures of places I want to go, things I want to do, and write down all my goals for that year and each time I achieve one of them I mark it off with a star or something, it might sound silly but honestly when you make something like that and see it all get ticked off it is the most wonderful feeling and it’s really exciting, plus it’s something fun to do with friends on New Years eve!

Good Luck in your exams and assignments everyone and lets end 2012 on a high note and bring in 2013 with a bang!

See you all in the new year :o)


Izzy xoxo