In which Screw Valentine’s Day

So I’m a pretty romantic guy at heart. I’ve idly speculated about what my dream wedding might be like. I own more chick flicks than most chicks. I believe in some sort of love and would truly like to make someone happy someday. That day is not today.

For the 22nd year in a row I find myself alone on Valentine’s without a card, a partner or any history of romance. Usually it’s not a big deal, last year I didn’t even realise Valentine’s was approaching until the evening of the day itself, when all my favourite TV shows decided to do a Valentine’s episode. This year, however, I’m feeling pretty lonely, and want to give myself a day to myself.

I realise this isn’t exactly an original thought amongst single people, I know the cliché where the single woman sits alone watching Pretty in Pink and the like whilst eating a box of chocolates. I don’t get why anyone would want to be reminded of the relationship they’re not having on today of all days, though. So I’m going to watch a bunch of sitcoms with a healthy dose of cynicism towards love (Seinfeld, The Young Ones, Arrested Development) in the day, and watch a bunch of horror movies late into the night. I don’t have the junk food I would like right now, but I had a nice high-carb brunch and will enjoy an equally unhealthy dinner this evening. I’m also planning on finding some extremely degrading pornography. I’m basically treating today as a mini-Halloween, which is a holiday I’m much more comfortable with for reasons already detailed in an earlier post.

I guess I’m wondering how the other single bloggers are taking V-Day, and am also hoping to hear how those of us with significant others are celebrating! Hope you fancy sharing your thoughts on love in general and today in particular!

Have a great day, whatever you end up doing!



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Comment by Rees posted on Fri, 26/02/2010 07:06

Glad to hear V-Day didn’t bring you other singletons down!

I totally agree with Iona’s point of comedy being useful in combating depression – haven’t heard a lot recently that really ties in with depression except maybe Mike Birbiglia’s “My Secret Public Journal Live,” which really embraces the idea of taking stuff that was horrible or traumatic and twisting it into something funny and owning it.

Kind of in the mood for a soppy film now – have a feeling I’ll end up watching Say Anything or Some Kind of Wonderful before the weekend is over!

Take care!


Comment by Iona posted on Mon, 22/02/2010 21:54

Hope you had a good time with the comedy … I’ve been meaning to sy after you’re recommendations combined with the enhusiasm of other friends comedy has now been integrated into my life – thanks!  I think it’s definitely a positive thing in fighting depression!

As for valentines day – I guess finals distracted me from it a bit this year.  I was away for the weekend (coincidentally) with two of my close (&also single friends) – perfect!

Comment by Emily posted on Mon, 22/02/2010 00:43

Urg… Valentine’s Day goes by like any other for me, I can only think of one boyfriend that made it slightly better when I was 16/17. It’s just commercialised rubbish without the added bonus of presents unless you are attatched. Sounds kinda bitter… It doesn’t bother me that much though, I generally just ignore it! I like the Hallowe’en 2.0 thing, Hallowe’en is a much more kick-arse commercialised holiday!